Case studies

These case studies are shown by kind permission from the dogs’ owners.

Not every pet will respond in the same way.

These videos give an idea of how we can help even severe lameness, with pain management and physiotherapy.


This is Lizzie, an 11 year-old Labrador.

She was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in her hips and both elbows.

The orthopaedic surgeons ruled out any further surgical options.

This shows her before and after pain management & physiotherapy.


Emma was 10 years old in these videos.

She had advanced osteoarthritis in both elbows, both knees and degenerative changes in her spine.

There were no surgical options and here she is, before and after treatment at the pain clinic.


Guinness was eight years old in these videos.

She was diagnosed with elbow dysplasia three years previously and had arthroscopic surgery.

With advanced osteoarthritis in both elbows her mobility had deteriorated.

She was given joint injections, which gave her significant pain relief.


Tarn was 6 years-old in these videos.

She was seen by an orthopaedic surgeon and surgery was discussed.

She was referred for pain management and was excited by the snow.

You’ll also see her with her favourite bear.


Bruce was 12 years old in these videos.

He had arthroscopic surgery to treat elbow dysplasia when he was six years old.

He also had episodes of pancreatitis and is unable to take some pain-relieving drugs.

The surgeons ruled out further surgery and referred Bruce for pain management.

He was given joint injections in 2018.

Here he is playing football two years later, and relaxing on the lawn.


Bosun is an 11 year-old Newfoundland.

He was diagnosed five years ago with advanced osteoarthritis, affecting his hips and both elbows.

His ability to walk was deteriorating and he was referred for physiotherapy & pain management.

He has since rediscovered the pleasure of chasing after partridge (sound on)!


Ellie is an 11 year old Labrador.

X-rays showed she had advanced degenerative changes in her spinal column. This caused anxiety and lameness in the right hindlimb.

She was referred for pain management, here she is enjoying the surf.


Moss was referred with severe spinal pain, affecting his ability to walk and also his quality of life.

A bulging disc was diagnosed, the neurologist advised against surgery and he was referred for pain management.

Here he is enjoying walks again, carrying the biggest branch he could find.

Moss also likes his bowl.

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