How we treat pain

There is no ‘silver bullet’ for pain relief.

All animals are unique, treatment plans are tailored for each individual pet.

Recent advances in the understanding of pain are used to provide safe and effective pain relief for your pet.

We work closely with you and your referring veterinary practice to look at all aspects of your pet’s health – a ‘holistic’ approach, or looking at ‘the big picture’.

Tailored treatments

  • Assessment

    Your pet will experience pain in a unique way. We look at the effect pain has on their mobility and quality of life.

  • Pain mechanisms

    Once pain mechanisms are identified they also become targets for treatment.

  • Acupuncture

    Pain may alter your pet’s posture and gait. This causes muscle pain and abnormal loading of joints and ligaments. Acupuncture is often a useful treatment in pain management.

  • Home environment

    We will discuss some small changes you can make at home, to help your pet.

Tailored treatments

  • Diagnosis

    Consulting with specialists in orthopaedics, neurology and cardiology.  An accurate diagnosis helps when planning treatment,

  • Pain medicines

    A range of safe and effective medicines is available, to target pain mechanisms. Treatment plans are specific for each individual pet.

  • Physiotherapy

    We work closely with excellent veterinary physiotherapists.

    Once your pet’s pain is under control, physiotherapy is essential part of rehabilitation.

  • Assessing progress

    Regular assessment is needed to check your pet’s progress.

    Older pets also need regular checks for other problems which could complicate their treatment.

Our approach:

Pain is a complex disease, but it can be effectively managed.

A multimodal approach treats the problem from all angles.

This approach combines pain-relieving medicines, physical rehabilitation and a range of complementary therapies.

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